Frequently Asked Questions

Please beware of companies that offer your shelf corporations with bank accounts and credit lines. The nature of shelf corporation is to be clean and purchasing a corporation with existing activities may put you in danger for unpaid taxes and other legal issues.

All of our shelf corporations are clean and you can perform due diligence searches to confirm that.

What are shelf corporations?

Shelf corporations, or aged corporations, are companies that have been registered, set aside to age and then sold to individuals interested in owning an established company with a clean history.

Why purchase a shelf corporation?

By purchasing a shelf corporation you will access numerous advantages such as:

  • Business History - You get a company with already established history.
  • Credibility - A company with a history is more likely to be selected as a business partner and have more credibility with lenders and suppliers
  • Business Image - Business image always improves with the age of your company.
  • Bank Loans - Banks look favorably upon your company if it has a clean history.
  • Contracts - Bids on contracts often require a company to be of a minimum age.
  • Government tenders - Some government contracts are only available to companies that have been in operation for a certain number of years
  • Creditworthiness - Business credit and financing is easier to obtain for older companies.
  • Faster Launch - Your company is ready to go if you need to begin your business quickly. You can avoid the hassle of registering your new business from the beginning.
  • Clients Acquisition - Clients trust a company that has been in business for a number of years.
  • Trade Credit - It is easier to obtain trade credit from your suppliers when you can show that you have been in business for a number of years.
  • Prestige - Usually, the older the company, the higher it's standing in the business community
What does Business Development Centre provide with the purchase of a shelf corporation?

In addition to excellent customer support by one of our skilled business specialists, you will also receive:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Share transfer agreements

For a nominal cost you can also obtain the following:

  • Stock certificates
  • Corporate Minute Book
  • Corporate Seal
  • Change of Directors and Officers
  • Change of Address
  • Change of Corporate Name
  • Registration of Government Tax Accounts (Such as GST, PST, Payroll and WSIB)
Are your shelf corporations in good standing?

Yes - our corporations are free of debts and liabilities and have never defaulted.

Do I have to be a Canadian resident to purchase a shelf corporation?

British Columbia Corporations - No, you do not require any resident directors.

Federal or Ontario Corporations - Yes, at least 25% of your board must be made up of Canadians. You do not have to be a Canadian citizen. All you need is to be a Canadian resident as specified under the Income Tax Act.

Does my corporation have to be located in the province of registration?

A provincial corporation must have a head office in the province where it was registered. However, you can transfer the corporation to another province or establish an office in multiple provinces.

Where would my federal corporation be located?

You can locate your federal corporation in any province you wish, however, you must complete additional registration with that province.

How many members must I have on my board of directors?

Our shelf corporations allow a range of one to seven directors. At least one is mandatory. The minimum and maximum number of directors may be changed if necessary.

How many directors must be Canadian?

At least 25% of your board must be made up of Canadians.

Are shelf corporations legal?

Yes they are. Shelf corporations are regular corporations in good standing. By purchasing all of the corporate shares you are obtaining control of the corporation.

Can I change the name of my shelf corporation?

Yes you can. Nearly any aspect of the corporation may be modified, as long as the change complies with the applicable Corporations Act.

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